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Why fight 4 Rutland?

Fight4Rutland recognise that St George’s Barracks will be sold by the Ministry of Defence and it should be developed. It should not be abandoned when the MoD withdraw or left to the whims of developers who might buy the site. F4R are is not against development of the site – we want development to be sustainable, to meet local needs and be consistent with the character and charm of Rutland. F4R believe the maximum number of houses at SGB should be the proven, sustainable figure of 350.

We don’t believe that the present Local Plan is the best one. A better approach would allow more time to determine the Plan for SGB, considering alternative ideas other than creating an unnecessary town with 2300 houses.

The Master Plan for the SGB site, which was consulted on in 2018, resulted in 1500 responses – almost all were against the development.

Our aim is to revert to the Spatial Strategy (i.e. where development is proposed to take place) of the 2017 Plan, based on Rutland’s two market towns and villages, which could include a new village-sized community at SGB.


Why will this affect me?

The development of 2000+ housing estate at St George’s Barracks will affect the whole of Rutland

Villages closer to SGB will be swallowed up by it Other parts of the County will see increased traffic or reduced opportunities for local development Rutland Water – a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, will be adversely affected by a new town 400m from its south shore. Building houses in existing towns and villages is likely to benefit the local economy more than building 2300 houses at SGB, which is likely to benefit Stamford at the expense of Oakham and Uppingham. Sadly, this huge development will likely fail to deliver truly affordable houses for Rutlanders.

This Plan is not a 'done deal'

Rutland County Council believe it is unstoppable, whilst saying that ‘full consultation’ will take place before the Plan goes to the Government Inspector for approval.

RCC have at the 2020 Annual Meeting stifled effective opposition. The leaders in Cabinet used the Conservative majority to make appointments to important committees to ensure their views prevail. More experienced Councillors with opposing views have been passed over. Debate has been curtailed and bad decisions are likely to be made as a consequence.

Regulation 19 consultation

Examination in public

Main modifications

Adoption by RCC

RCC have manipulated their constituents at several stages

How can we change things?

That is why we must all Fight 4 Rutland!