The Story so Far

The Story so far

St George’s Barracks (SGB) ‘Garden village’ /Township

SGB, proposed by Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Homes England supported by Sir Alan Duncan (former MP), with a massive U-Turn by Rutland County Council (RCC).

What started out in 2017 as a Local Plan with broad support from Rutlanders, has been changed out of all recognition, into a Plan that will build a new Township larger than Uppingham

It is someone else’s problem (what does the MOD do with SGB?).

Looking for a Plan (not the 2017 Plan, a completely different 2018 version to suit)

A Plan with no Vision – RCC will only look at a 50-year County vision in 2021 AFTER the Local plan.

RCC Cabinet/ MOD/ MP Date Everyone else
MOD announces plan to sell SGB site for Housing Nov 2016
RCC Draft Local Plan to consultation (SGB NOT included) Aug 2017 Plan was broadly accepted by residents BUT is not then formally adopted by RCC
MOD and MP pressure RCC to include SGB in the Local Plan Mid 2017
RCC CEO Helen Briggs signs a Confidential Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MOD County Cllrs are NOT allowed to see the MOU

Only CEO and Council leaders

U -Turn by RCC

Announced that Local Plan will now include SGB with a Full Public Consultation

Nov 2017
Public presentation of “RCC saving Rutland from uncontrolled development by MOD”

Village meetings led by Helen Briggs (CEO), Cllr Oliver Hemsley (Leader) and Consultants

Nov 2017 Strong vocal opposition from Parish Cllrs and residents present

Helen Briggs and Oliver Hemsley surprised at the level of opposition

Parish Councils Group consultation chaired by Sir Alan Duncan for MOD to present SGB June 2018 Most Parish Council reps voice opposition to SGB and the major change to Local Plan
“It is in the national interest whether RCC like it or not” -

Sir Alan Duncan MP

In the local paper – people urged to support the Council’s plans
Specific Public consultation on the Master Plan for SGB (under Reg 18) Aug-Sept 2018


1500 responses - 95% against

RCC one-word response “Noted”

In spite of the huge changes to the Local Plan, the whole Plan was not consulted on – only the changes resulting from the inclusion of SGB

Homes Infrastructure Fund (HIF) grant £29.4m awarded in principle. Terms yet to be negotiated and will remain confidential. March 2019
MP Sir Alan Duncan says

“This is great news for Rutland”

2019 £16m of the HIF grant is to de-contaminate the SGB Military base.

Road junction upgrades will likely swallow up the rest

County Cllrs demand a full Council debate and vote on the terms of the HIF grant Jan 2020 Nothing disclosed as @ June 2020
Cabinet narrowly win a vote 15-11 in full Council to submit the Local Plan to Reg 19 process. Feb 2020 Fight4Rutland campaign group formed
8-week Public Consultation postponed due to COVID-19 crisis March 2020
RCC announces changes to Reg 19 consultation process, so that the Local Plan consultation can be held only on line.

Consultation period reduced from 8 to 6 weeks

June 2020 Fight4Rutland launches campaign

Full Council will not be allowed discuss or vote on the new process

RCC Cabinet announce a 3-week consultation on the change to the “Statement of Community Involvement” June – July 2020 This reduces Reg 19 consultation to on line only.

The normal practice of making copies available in libraries is suspended.

RCC CEO Helen Briggs will retire.

Interim CEO takes over.

July 2020
Reg 19 Revised Local Plan Consultation for 6 weeks (reduced from 8 weeks) Aug – Sept 2020 Residents will ONLY be able to view plans and comment online.

Fight4Rutland campaign website and media will help Rutlanders have a voice

RCC to hold a public consultation on 50-year Vision for Rutland 2021 This is too late for any meaningful public consultation and involvement
  • The MOD do not care about Rutland – they are only in it for the money from selling SGB
  • Rutland County Council caved into political pressure and are deaf to the voice of Rutlanders
  • Creating a ‘Vision for Rutland’ after committing to a New Town is perverse (‘cart before the horse’)
  • The COVID-19 crisis will create enormous changes for the future – another argument against committing to a New Town now
  • This is the last chance to get RCC to see sense
  • A Township at St George’s barracks will be just 400 metres from the South shore of Rutland water – our Jewel in the crown

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