The Plan to build a new town at St George’s Barracks needs to be reviewed

  •  The landscape has changed and the risks need to be adequately considered
  • The Covid crisis has changed the way we live and work. It is unclear now what the implications for the economy and for jobs, and thus for housing needs, will be when the Covid crisis is over. It does not make sense to embark on a risky strategy now to build a new town until we understand what the local economy and future housing demands will look like.
  • Rutland County Council states it will develop a new ’50-year vision for Rutland’ to be adopted next year - deciding to build a new town before the vision is developed is perverse.
  • Little consideration has been given to the Heritage opportunity of the site – archaeology is believed to be present on or near the site which needs to be protected.

St George’s Barracks is not necessary to meet Rutland’s housing need

A new town at St George’s Barracks will not benefit Rutland businesses financially

Rutland County Council have not listened to Rutlanders

St George’s Barracks risks not being a sustainable development

And there is a strong moral argument:

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