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Express your own views about the Plan or the loss of democracy at Rutland County Council.

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Respond to Regulation 19 consultation

RCC have announced this will start on August 27 and continue to October 9 (only 6 weeks).

This consultation is different to the previous consultations on the Local Plan in 2017 and the specific consultation on St George’s Barracks in 2018.

RCC’s website now includes how to respond press here to be taken there.


This states that responses may only challenge the Soundness of the Plan and RCC’s Legal Compliance in its preparation. This is planning jargon which an expert will understand but a regular citizen may find incomprehensible.

F4R believes this will have the effect of putting off citizens from responding. The Planning Inspector is likely to recognise this and accept relevant responses. Please email F4R, stating your area of concern, and you will be given guidance on how to respond, by pressing here.

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Respond to the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) Consultation CLOSES 17TH JULY 2020

Press here to view the full 58 page SCI document

To see how we would respond, press here

Respond to Local Plan Reg 19 Consultation (OPENS 4th August) DEADLINE 15th September 2020

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    F4R needs input from planning professionals and other advisors to make representations at the Examination in Public hearings. We need to raise funds for this.

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