Rutland County Council have not listened to Rutlanders

  • No alternative uses for the St George’s Barracks site have been properly considered. The rushed ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with the Ministry of Defence is evidence that only housing has been considered.
  • RCC have been duped into following the wishes of the MoD; they are not listening to objections from constituents and are being manipulative in the way they have communicated and consulted about this development. It is an unnecessary development that is likely to have an adverse effect compared with other options for meeting the housing needs of the County.

St George’s Barracks is not necessary to meet Rutland’s housing need

The Plan to build a new town at St George’s Barracks needs to be reviewed

A new town at St George’s Barracks will not benefit Rutland businesses financially

St George’s Barracks risks not being a sustainable development

And there is a strong moral argument:

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