Dear Supporter,

As a Fight4Rutland subscriber, you will probably be more aware than most Rutlanders of the impending deadline to the Regulation 19 Consultation on the Rutland Local Plan.

If you would like to catch up with where Rutland is on the entire journey, you might like to watch 3 videos on the RCC website which broadly summarises the current position and past history.

What these videos don’t summarise however is the detail behind how we have arrived at a Local Plan, which includes the creation of a new community of 2,300 dwellings on the site of St George’s Barracks in Edith Weston, in spite of strong objections during the 2018 consultation.

Fight 4 Rutland (F4R) is a campaign group in favour of sustainable development in England’s smallest county and in opposition to the over-development of the St George’s Barracks site.

The group provides a focus for those who feel that individual voices are not heard on this and other issues affecting Rutland’s future.

F4R has recruited legal and planning advice in order to make the strongest possible representation at this specific consultation stage. All representations whether individual or group are required by planning regulation to follow a specific format to meet the needs of the Planning Inspector.

Whilst it is the relevance of representations themselves, rather than the volume of support which ultimately counts, if you would like to add your name to the F4R representation please click HERE for more detail and the online sign up form.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Regulation 19 Update Documents and Links
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