RCC have manipulated their constituents at several stages

  • Presenting the view that RCC have ‘saved’ Rutland by agreeing with the Ministry of Defence that ‘only 2300 houses’ will be built at St George’s Barracks and that without RCC’s actions the number would have been greater.
  • This was in reality a massive RCC U-turn from the 2017 Plan, which could have been used to defend Rutland from the MoD’s plan for developing SGB.
  • The Master Plan for SGB is misleading – the reality is likely to be very different from the apparent housing density and artist’s impressions.
  • The Regulation 19 Consultation is presented as a ‘full consultation’ – in reality it is a technical consultation which you need expertise to respond to.
  • RCC are using the Covid situation to make it more difficult for Rutlanders to respond effectively.
  • Fight4Rutland is raising awareness of RCC’s current leadership’s betrayal of Rutlanders.

Regulation 19

Examination in public

Main modifications

Adoption by RCC

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