In a typical, ‘railroading’ style ahead of August’s New Local Plan ‘consultation’, Rutland county Council (RCC) are planning to reduce Rutlanders’ ability to respond to consultations. They need to consult on these changes, but have not publicised this very widely (we wonder why!). So, we thought we might do their job for them and let you know, so that you can have a voice.
This consultation on how to they need to consult (stay with us) closes this Friday 17th July.

Please take 5 minutes to respond here. It could make all the difference later in August, when they try and railroad their NEW plan through.

Here’s how Fight4Rutland would answer it.

Q1: “YES” - The Council asks if there are any under-represented groups they have not considered. “YES”
Q2: “YES” - Sets out potential ways to engage with the community. You are asked if you have any additional suggestions for this. “YES”. You should be able to print out a questionnaire and send it in manually, send a letter, or email.”
Q3: “NO” - Do you agree that the Council should follow Government advice with respect to the proposed revisions to consultation on Local Plan documents? “NO” (this is the only way you can make any sort of comment on this)
Q4: “NO” – Do you agree that the Council have set out how it will fulfil its role in providing advice and guidance to Neighbourhood planning bodies (e.g. Your parish Council). You need to answer “NO” if you wish to make comment.
Q5: “NO” - Are changes regarding Planning Applications clear. If not answer “NO” and comment and/or call RCC.

RCC issued a document explaining all this, that runs to 58 (Fifty-eight) pages. We’ve read it thoroughly and provided you with our short answers. If you want to read the whole thing with tracked changes, you can read more here.

Housing on the St George’s Barracks site will mean all services in our essentially rural community will be too stretched by this 15% increase in our local population…..
“This remote housing estate with few services and poor public transport links will inevitably become a dormitory town for those working elsewhere…”