How can we change things?

There are 2 ways to change the proposed plan to build 2300 houses at St George’s Barracks:

Through the Regulation 19 / Examination in Public process

  • As described above representations can be made to the Inspector. F4R is working with planning professionals to make representations which F4R are confident will be important to the Inspector’s decision.
  • Individual Rutlanders can also make representations and these will also carry weight.


Persuading Councillors to change their minds

  • The important votes taken by the full Council, on submitting the Plan to the Inspector and on the Housing Infrastructure Fund grant, have been close. All independently-minded Councillors voted against.
  • By persuading a few Councillors to change their minds the Plan can be changed.

Regulation 19

Examination in public

Main modifications

Adoption by RCC

RCC have manipulated their constituents at several stages

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