A new town at St George’s Barracks will not benefit Rutland businesses financially

  • A large new town at SGB is unlikely to support the high street of Oakham, already in difficulty, as residents will migrate to Stamford for shopping and leisure. Houses built in Oakham are more likely to benefit Oakham’s high street. This argument also applies to Uppingham’s high street but to a lesser extent.
  • A major income source for Rutland is tourism; Rutland Water is an important attraction for its beauty, leisure pursuits and bird life. Building a new town, which will be an ongoing building site for 20 years, 400m from Rutland water, risks damaging tourism and impacting on wild life habitats.

St George’s Barracks is not necessary to meet Rutland’s housing need

The Plan to build a new town at St George’s Barracks needs to be reviewed

Rutland County Council have not listened to Rutlanders

St George’s Barracks risks not being a sustainable development

And there is a strong moral argument:

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